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Lost product license?

If you purchase and, for whatever reason, you do not receive license or lost it, please send an e-mail to us. we'll try to re-send the license to you soonest!

Customer Service

Ask any question or feedback via E-mail, and our support team will respond within 24 hours. Want More Help >>



Order FAQs

Q: When and how will I receive the software that I ordered? Q: I received a coupon code. How can I redeem it? Q: How secure is the order process? Q: What is the refund policy?

License/upgrade FAQs

Q: How to keep my software up-to-date? Q:The license key does not work. What can I do? Q: I have purchased the software, but I have not got my license code, why? Q: I have a 3 PCs / 1 Year License for PowerBooster: Do I need to activate 3 PCs meanwhile? Q: I lost my license code, what should I do? Q: My email address changed. How to update my registration info?

Product FAQs

Q: Is my software compatible with Windows 8? Q: Can I use software on Mac? Q:What happens after PowerBooster subscription license expires (one year normally)? Q:When I install software on my PC for the first time, I am told the trial version has expired?