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File Shredder - Shred Private Files and Folders to Protect Your Privacy

Most computer users know a fact, that when you select a useless or unwanted file and right click to choose the Delete button, you just simply remove the deleted file from file system, but the file data is still leftover on the disk clusters. And your confidential information can also be accessed without authorization by others.
Even when you choose to empty your Recycle Bin after deleting the files, they can be easily re-created by some special data recovery software. In a word, to delete a file by just clicking on the Delete button on Windows is not a safe way.
In fact, in order to remove files permanently from your machine, you have to use a tool which has the ability of rewriting the files with random series of binary data multiple times. We can this process as shredding. That’s what the File Shredder does.
File Shredder is a small and very easy to use application contained in the powerful PowerBooster program. It provides with a simple but absolute solution to help you erase your files securely, in order that they can not be recovered and read forever.
Just choose your files, tell File Shredder program to shred them, and they will be go forever.

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Useful and simple to understand. I've used too many so called system optimization tools on your Dell. The one does a great job! So easy! ---- Rick Drolet

Best utility i have used thus far for speeding up my computer.---- Ted Cooke

Excellent tool, simple but very effective, parabens developers, today I am not more with my slow computer because I use PowerBooster---- Guilherme Augusto

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