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Is Your PC Slowing? Speed up and boost your computer performance today!

Scan thoroughly and fix frustrating errors, crashes and freezes with just 1 click
Cleans up PC junks, invalid registry, repeated files to boost computer
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Memory Manager - Defrag RAM to Optimize Your Computer

The more programs you use on your computer, the more memory leaks will be created on your PC day by day. These memory leaks make your computer become slow and unstable. It may also result into computer crashes occasionally and blue screen of deaths. To free up memory on your machine is the first thing you need to do.
Memory Manager tool in PowerBooster acts as an efficient memory optimizer software by cleaning and optimizing your system memory to make your PC run better, faster, and more stable.
With Memory Manager, you can easily clean and free up your physical memory on PC to enhance system performance greatly. It also provides with a graphical view of your current RAM usages and show you the current percentages of available physical memory, available swap RAM and available visual memory
How does it work? Memory Manager can clean up junk out of RAM and flush less-ofen used items to the swap file, thus they can do not take up any RAM to free up your RAM space. It is very simple. Just click on the “Defrag” button, Memory Manager can complete the left for you in seconds, display you how much space you have released this time as well.
Memory Manager, of course, just like the designs for other products, has a very simple user interface so that everyone can take advantage of this useful software as soon as open it.

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Useful and simple to understand. I've used too many so called system optimization tools on your Dell. The one does a great job! So easy! ---- Rick Drolet

Best utility i have used thus far for speeding up my computer.---- Ted Cooke

Excellent tool, simple but very effective, parabens developers, today I am not more with my slow computer because I use PowerBooster---- Guilherme Augusto

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