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PowerBooster Quick Start Guide

Congratulations on choosing PowerBooster to take care of your computer!

PowerBooster is your one-stop solution for PC Performance, incorporating comprehensive PC tune-up ability and numerous useful utilities which maintain maximum computer performance automatically. This guide will help you get a deep knowledge of this software.

Let's get a general idea on the main screen of PowerBooster.

Main Screen

This is the screen you will get every time when you load PowerBooster. Here will show you detailed introduction about this screen from top to bottom.

scan areaOne-click Scan: Automatically scan every corner of your computer, clean junk files, registries and shortcuts to make your PC run as new again with one mouse click.

PC Health: Show your current PC health status.

Simplified Mode Setting: Select items that need to be scanned and cleaned up by One-click Scan.

Two tabs on the top:

option button in amigabit powerbooster : Optimize and speed up computer with only one-click.

: Offer senior user customized way to optimize computers and provide more than 20 tools for users to solve various PC problems.

Icons on the top right:

Options: Click this icon to open the Options window to set the software.

Recover Manager: Click this icon to open Recover Manager

More Settings: Click this icon to open the dropdown menu including Product Help, Check for updates, and About.

Icons on the bottom right:

: Help further boost the computer performance.

: Do settings on TurboBoost feature by selecting or unselecting some services to speed up computer operating system.

Options: Configure PowerBooster

Enter Option box and do settings on each items according to your own needs.

General Settings:

Disk Defrag settings in 360 Care:

System Optimizer settings in 360 Care:

Registry Cleaner settings in 360 Care:

Privacy Protect settings:

Automatic Care settings:

Backup Settings